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June 12, 2019 Douglas Davis

Maybe you’ve protected your business with general liability coverage, property insurance, commercial automobile coverage, and workers’ compensation insurance. But for some businesses, operations would come to a grinding halt without certain essential contributors—key

May 30, 2019 Douglas Davis

Determining who will manage the day-to-day affairs of your business is an important decision. Knowing this from the beginning is important for the success of your business, but also because your Limited Liability

April 26, 2019 Douglas Davis

Although the main purpose of a job description is obviously to describe a job, it also serves a much larger purpose. A well-written job description can improve a company’s ability to manage employees

March 28, 2019 Davis Law Group

Part 3—Involuntary Transfers In the third part of our three-part LLC Membership series, we're discussing involuntary transfers. To get caught up you can read our previous blogs on LLC Membership Overview and Voluntary

February 21, 2019 Douglas Davis

Part 1: An Overview Say you are a member of an LLC, meaning you own membership interests in it. But what if you want to leave the LLC? What if you get a

October 12, 2018 Douglas Davis

For many, owning your own business is the essential American dream. What starts as an idea can grow into a business plan, but there are a lot of financial and legal considerations you

September 20, 2018 Douglas Davis

Marital status can impact your S Corporation more than you may realize. Before starting your business or changing its status, make sure you’re aware of all the implications this has for you and

September 6, 2018 Douglas Davis

Being active on social media is hardly a choice anymore for any sized business – even small ones. Nowadays having a Facebook or Instagram or Twitter account is basically a given. After all,

August 22, 2018 Douglas Davis

For most businesses, some kind of growth is usually the goal. The problem becomes that when you grow your business, it can become harder to step away from that business for your own

August 14, 2018 Douglas Davis

There are many reasons business owners close up shop, including retirement, starting a new venture or, hopefully, because they’ve won the lottery. No matter what the reason, it’s important to diligently wind down