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June 30, 2021 Douglas Davis

When buying or selling a business there are many issues to consider and ultimately resolve in order to ensure that both parties receive what they have bargained for. Every transaction is unique and

April 29, 2021 Douglas Davis

A stay bonus agreement, also referred to as a retention bonus agreement, is a written agreement between a company and a key employee to encourage the employee to stay with the company. Understanding

February 4, 2021 Douglas Davis

You and several friends start a new business and decide to operate it as a limited liability company (LLC). Now that you’ve completed the first step—choosing a business entity—it is now important to

June 28, 2019 Douglas Davis

In all parts of the country, services such as Airbnb have grown in popularity over the past few years including the beach resort areas of Hampton Roads. Indeed, these alternatives to hotel stays

June 12, 2019 Douglas Davis

Maybe you’ve protected your business with general liability coverage, property insurance, commercial automobile coverage, and workers’ compensation insurance. But for some businesses, operations would come to a grinding halt without certain essential contributors—key

March 28, 2019 Davis Law Group

Part 3—Involuntary Transfers In the third part of our three-part LLC Membership series, we're discussing involuntary transfers. To get caught up you can read our previous blogs on LLC Membership Overview and Voluntary

March 14, 2019 Davis Law Group

Part 2: Voluntary Transfers In this 3-part blog series, we’re discussing a variety of aspects to consider when transferring membership interests in an LLC. Check out our overview blog on this topic before

September 20, 2018 Douglas Davis

Marital status can impact your S Corporation more than you may realize. Before starting your business or changing its status, make sure you’re aware of all the implications this has for you and

August 14, 2018 Douglas Davis

There are many reasons business owners close up shop, including retirement, starting a new venture or, hopefully, because they’ve won the lottery. No matter what the reason, it’s important to diligently wind down

January 15, 2016 Davis Law Group

When it comes to law firms, bigger is not always better. The definition of a “small” law firm can change depending on the location and type of practice, but according to the American

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