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February 15, 2024 Davis Law Group

Difference Between Wills and Trusts A will is a document that provides instructions for how to distribute a person’s assets after death. A will only becomes effective upon the testator’s death, so the

December 7, 2023 Davis Law Group

While many employers discourage employees from discussing wage and compensation with each other, it's important for you to know that all employees have the right to discuss their wages under both federal and

December 1, 2023 Davis Law Group

Churches often use photographs that they’ve taken during worship services, conferences, and outreach events on social media, the church’s website, and promotional or informational materials like brochures and flyers. But using such photos

October 13, 2023 Davis Law Group

Last week our own Doug Davis was a guest on WNIS radio's "Ask the Expert" show. WNIS has been providing live local news, talk shows and nationally syndicated shows to Hampton Roads listeners

September 14, 2023 Davis Law Group

You have invested your money, time, and sweat equity to build a company that will be successful for years to come, but even if you make all the right business moves, unexpected costs

August 17, 2023 Davis Law Group

As an employer in the Commonwealth of Virginia, knowing the difference between a handbook and a policy manual and using them appropriately can create a more transparent and smoothly operating business. But it

April 6, 2023 Davis Law Group

Sometimes giving assets outright to a beneficiary – such a child, a grandchild or a special needs loved one – is not the ideal method of distributing assets in an estate plan. In

March 23, 2023 Davis Law Group

 You just found out that your favorite aunt, Aunt Melba, has died and have received a notice from the attorney handling Aunt Melba's affairs stating that you are a beneficiary. Your best friend advises

March 17, 2023 Davis Law Group

Congratulations! You are now considered a legal adult. Although you still can't purchase alcohol, there are very few other things you cannot legally do at this point. Although you may not feel any

January 4, 2023 Douglas Davis

You may think that your estate plan is something you already checked off your to-do list years ago. But the truth is that it’s not realistic to think that something you drafted years