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Planning with a Purpose

Is your Business Ready for the Tidal Wave of Changes to Virginia Employment Laws

Estate Planning 101 – How to Protect Your Family Legacy

Common Mistakes in Estate Planning and How to Avoid Them

Protecting Your Family Legacy from the Cost of Long-Term Care

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Estate & Trust Planning

Estate Planning is essentially the process of preserving and protecting your assets and property during your lifetime, then providing instructions for them to be passed on to


Corporate and Business Transactions

At Davis Law Group we have a unique perspective in our corporate and business law practice. Most "corporate" law firms focus on serving the business rather than


Elder Law

Elder Law – Guiding You and Your Family through the Complexities of Aging At DLG, our Family Legacy Process© doesn’t stop after you set up your estate


Probate & Trust Administration

When a close relative or friend dies, there are several important legal and taxation matters to be addressed.  Depending on how property and other assets are titled,


Civil Litigation

Representing a client involved in business disputes, contract disputes, including mediation, arbitration, or civil litigation in court, is a big responsibility -- one we don't take lightly.


Church and Non-Profit Organizations

Church and non-profit law requires a special understanding of the issues and challenges that face non-profit and religious institutions. The legal advice that best serves business and


Commercial Real Estate Transactions

At Davis Law Group we understand that the commercial real estate process can be one of the most stressful events our clients will ever experience. Hampton Roads


Family Law & Collaborative Practice

The attorneys at Davis Law Group have extensive experience in representing individuals who find themselves in the middle of broken relationships, and we are effective advocates when


Employment Law

Few relationships impact our daily lives as much as the relationships we have at our workplaces. For most people, it is the place they spend the majority



Over the past several years we have helped a number of families work through the complexities of domestic and international adoption in virtually every scenario you can

Douglas W. Davis
Attorney, Managing Partner
Douglas H. Cook
Attorney, of Counsel
Jake Balderson
Stephen Haynes
Jeff Coombs
Attorney, Nonprofit Practice Leader
Christen Davis
Paralegal, Business & Corporate Law & Estate Planning
Jacob Tise
Lauren Baust
Rebecca Garnsey
Commercial Transactions Paralegal
Melissa Smith
Operations Manager
Karen Nootnagel

Changing Your Name in Virginia

People often change their name when getting married, after a divorce, or for a host of other reasons. The steps to changing one’s name differ depending on the context in which the change occurs. When Getting Married If you are getting married and decide to change your name,

Form 1023: What You Need to Know About Applying for Tax-Exempt Status

What is Form 1023? To be exempt from federal income tax, organizations must receive a determination letter from the IRS. The IRS only gives a determination letter after receiving adequate proof that an organization is organized and operated primarily for charitable, educational, and/or religious purposes. An organization provides

The Impact of the New Corporate Transparency Act Regulations on Small Businesses

New beneficial reporting requirements under the Corporate Transparency Act become effective January 1, 2024, and will require small business to report information about their owners. Congress’s aim is to prevent criminals, terrorists, and “corrupt oligarchs” from laundering money or hiding property in the US through, but the new