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  • Name: Family Law & Collaborative Practice

Family Law & Collaborative Practice

The attorneys at Davis Law Group have extensive experience in representing individuals who find themselves in the middle of broken relationships, and we are effective advocates when the time comes to protect their interests.

Unfortunately many of the aspects of family law deal with crisis. People in the middle of a divorce, worried about custody of their children or burdened with debt, are, justifiably, dealing with feelings ranging from anger to rejection. We understand those feelings and know that a listening ear and compassion are as important as legal advice.

A large part of our job is to educate our clients about the process and help establish realistic expectations. When it comes to these personal issues we are as hardworking, zealous and proficient as in any other area of the law. Our attorneys are experienced in handling divorce, separation, child custody and support issues, spousal support and the division of property.

Best Family Lawyers in ChesapeakeWe also provide other services related to families, including adoption, the establishment of guardianships for both children and adults, and the preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

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Collaborative Practice
Collaborative Practice is a reasonable approach to divorce based on three principles:

  1. A pledge not to go to court
  2. An honest exchange of information by both spouses
  3. A solution that takes into account the highest priorities of both adults and their children

What is Collaborative Practice

  • Introduction to Collaborative Practice
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Collaborative Practice in Divorce
  • Collaborative Practice in Business Disputes
  • Collaborative Practice in Probate Disputes
  • Collaborative Practice in Employment Cases

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The Collaborative Road – A better way to Divorce

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