About Us

Davis Law Group was founded in 1989 by Doug Davis. He started the firm after a successful career with a national constitutional litigation firm. His goal to provide excellent, customer-oriented legal services has continued to grow with a focus on providing clients with a unique experience.

We focus on value creation by providing our clients and referral sources with a unique experience in three ways: Leadership; Relationship; and Creativity. We accomplish this by staying current and addressing our client's Dangers, Opportunities and Strengths.

Dangers: what keeps them up at night; what are the biggest dangers to be eliminated? Opportunities: what are their biggest opportunities to be focused on and captured?
Strengths: where are they confident - what strengths can be reinforced and maximized?

Our goal is to provide problem solving solutions, impart confidence, make complex issues understandable and provide legal protection through technical expertise. For our clients "Legal Solutions in a complex world - It's all about peace of mind™."

We are proud of our growth and even more proud of how we have helped our clients experience success in their endeavors.

We are located in Wynngate Business Park in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, Virginia and serve the entire Hampton Roads area including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Smithfield and Williamsburg. Regional clients include businesses and individuals throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and North Carolina.

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Practice Areas

Corporate & Business Law

We represent our business clients by taking a personal interest in them and in their endeavors. Our approach requires building strong relationships with business owners, executives, their companies and even their families.

Real Estate

At Davis Law Group we understand that buying and selling real estate can be one of the most stressful events our clients will ever experience. Hampton Roads is a growing community with an ever-changing real estate market.

Estate & Trust Planning

Our Estate and Trust practice area is based on the understanding that most people want to ensure what they have built during their lifetime will be efficiently transferred to those they designate without interference, unnecessary taxes, court costs, or litigation.

Elder Law

At DLG, our Family Legacy Process© doesn’t stop after you set up your estate planning documents. We work with families to ensure that the assets you have worked a lifetime to acquire are protected from the rising cost of care.

Probate & Trust Administration

Losing a loved one is difficult. The prospect of handling the estate at such a time is often overwhelming. Our sensitive and caring teams helps grieving families navigate the complex and often confusing process of administrating an estate or handling probate.


Over the past several years we have helped a number of families work through the complexities of domestic and international adoption in virtually every scenario you can imagine.

Family Law & Collaborative Practice

We have extensive experience in representing individuals who find themselves in the middle of broken relationships, and we are effective advocates when the time comes to protect their interests.

Civil Litigation

Representing a client involved in business disputes, contract disputes, real estate cases, including mediation, arbitration, or civil litigation in court, is a big responsibility — one we don’t take lightly.

Church Law & Nonprofits

Church and non-profit law requires a special understanding of the issues and challenges that face non-profit and religious institutions. We have extensive experience working with churches, church administrators, religious groups and non-profit organizations.

Employment Law

Few relationships impact our daily lives as much as the relationships we have at our workplaces.  At Davis Law Group, we are proud of our ability to offer solutions to the complexities that arise in the employer-employee relationship.

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