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The Legacy Maintenance Program©

In order to keep everything current, we provide a Legacy Maintenance Program© which offers an opportunity to review your plan in light of changing family or business situations, or as a result of changes in estate and trust laws. If we have already prepared plan documents for you, the first year as a Member of the Legacy Maintenance Program© is free of charge. As a part of this Program, we will provide you with the following benefits:
  • unlimited phone consultation with our team members on any matter related to your legacy plan
  • assistance with funding investment accounts or other assets acquired after the initial funding of your trust plan
  • interaction with your financial advisor, CPA, banker, and other financial and trust officers as you request
  • updates to Durable Financial Powers of Attorney, Durable Medical Powers of Attorney, HIPPA Authorizations and Living Wills
  • periodic updates to legal documents we have created for you, for statutory or tax law changes
  • name changes for trustees, executors, or children and grandchildren in your trust or will
  • periodic notices about new laws that may affect your legacy plan
  • ten (10%) percent reduction from our standard rate for handling your estate or trust administration

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Estate & Trust Planning

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Elder Law

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Probate & Trust Administration

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Civil Litigation

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Church and Non-Profit Organizations

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Our dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals, clerks and administrative staff at Davis Law Group are ready to assist you with your legal questions and needs from real estate transactions to estate plans to the adoption process and more, our team has a diverse background of experience and expertise. 

Douglas W. Davis
Attorney, Managing Partner
Douglas H. Cook
Attorney, of Counsel
Jake Balderson
Stephen Haynes
Jeff Coombs
Attorney, Nonprofit Practice Leader
Jacob Tise
Lauren Baust
Marcie Kelly
Sharon Mead Williams
Senior Paralegal, Real Estate
Christen Davis
Paralegal, Business & Corporate Law & Estate Planning
Michelle Temple
Paralegal Non-Profit & For Profit Entities
Melissa Smith
Client Relationships & Marketing Manager
Vicky Banta
Accounts Manager

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