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June 20, 2022 DLG

According to a 2021 Wills and Estate Planning Study of 2,400 Americans by Caring.com with YouGov, Americans aged fifty-five and older who have prepared a will have decreased from 60 to 44 percent

June 6, 2022 DLG

Most older adults consider estate planning to be essential. Yet, nearly half of Americans age 55 or more do not have a will, and even fewer have designated powers of attorney, a living

May 30, 2022 DLG

A proper estate plan ensures that your assets, interests, and loved ones are safeguarded after your death. Sadly, many individuals make costly mistakes without proper advice and guidance from a qualified estate planning

May 23, 2022 DLG

For estate planning, special needs children present a unique challenge. Optimizing your estate to use, enhance, and enrich assets for your special needs child while maintaining their enrollment in public benefits programs requires

May 2, 2022 DLG

It is time for Gen Xers entering their 40s and 50s to take charge of their retirement planning. There are many things to consider, including finances, investments, insurance policies, legal documents, living arrangements,

April 25, 2022 DLG

During the time he waited for his Texas house to close, Michael was enjoying his stay in Florida. Unfortunately, he took a bad fall and ended up in a Florida hospital. He had

April 18, 2022 DLG

People who care for both their children and aging parents simultaneously are referred to as part of the sandwich generation. Although generation is part of the phrase, it does not refer to people

April 11, 2022 DLG

We are seeing more and more of us receiving or becoming eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the medical community, vaccinated individuals are significantly less likely to contract COVID-19; however, they

April 4, 2022 DLG

By now, some of us have all witnessed the slow and dehumanizing death of a friend or a family member due to Alzheimer's disease. In the final stages of this and other dementia

March 30, 2022 Douglas Davis

When a loved one dies, their money and property has to be distributed to the appropriate people according to the will, or the state’s laws if a will is not in place. Even