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November 7, 2022 DLG

A fair division of assets among children is an obvious and right choice in many situations. Yet, in some families, each child receiving the same inheritance can be inappropriate, deplete the estate’s assets

October 31, 2022 DLG

For estate planning, wills and trusts offer specific and quite different advantages. Each state has specific laws and regulations governing these legal documents. You can have both a will and a trust; however,

October 17, 2022 DLG

A child who depended on you for everything will become an adult overnight when they turn 18 (in most states). Now your child is free to vote, marry, apply for a credit card,

October 3, 2022 DLG

While elder law and estate planning are often used interchangeably, there are important differences between the two. While some overlap exists between the two, learning and implementing strategies from both law practice types

September 29, 2022 Davis Law Group

You found the love of your life, built a life together and have probably weathered your fair share of storms that have made you even stronger. Life without each other is inconceivable, but

September 26, 2022 DLG

To be successful in a legal proceeding, power of attorney documents are essential. If there comes a time when you or your elder becomes unable to manage your finances or make health-care decisions,

September 19, 2022 DLG

Many of our clients ask us this question. Read on for information to help figure out whether you need a trust and, if so, what kind fits your specific situation. The following information

September 14, 2022 Davis Law Group

The loss of a loved one comes with many unexpected challenges. Losing a beloved relative or friend can be overwhelming, and the process of handling their affairs in the wake of such a

August 22, 2022 DLG

As people become elderly or ill, they become vulnerable to manipulation by those who will defraud or steal. Targeted attacks on vulnerable older people to exert what attorneys deem "undue influence" constitutes elder

August 18, 2022 Davis Law Group

"An ounce of prevention."  It is impossible to know what tomorrow will bring, so it is important to put a plan in place to provide for the unexpected. If you become incapacitated and