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April 1, 2021 Douglas Davis

When a family member or other loved one dies, grief and shock can sometimes be overwhelming. The last thing most people want to think about is making phone calls or funeral arrangements. Some

March 25, 2021 Douglas Davis

A critical question to ask yourself when creating an estate plan is who will get your personal belongings when you pass on? While most people think about who they would like to receive

February 17, 2021 Douglas Davis

One of the most common forms of property ownership in the United States is joint tenancy with rights of survivorship (JTWROS or joint tenancy). But what is joint tenancy? Joint tenancy is a

January 14, 2021 Douglas Davis

It is natural to want to protect our loved ones no matter what. But when a loved one is facing incarceration it can be difficult to see how you can help provide a

January 6, 2021 Douglas Davis

Upon seeing the words medallion signature guarantee (MSG), you may envision some shiny grand medallion, signifying a level of greatness few attain. However, that is far from what this guarantee means. An MSG

December 3, 2020 Douglas Davis

The mortgage business is booming in Virginia! Historically low interest rates have created an environment with homeowners scrambling to refinance their home loans at these low rates. Even a few tenths of a

November 19, 2020 Douglas Davis

Retreating to a warmer climate for the winter sounds like an ideal way to spend a few months. To help make this dream a reality, some individuals choose to rent out their second

October 29, 2020 Douglas Davis

For many snowbirds, cooler weather means it is time to head south. If you are thinking about heading for warmer weather this winter, there are a few things you should consider before hitting

October 22, 2020 Douglas Davis

When it comes to your healthcare, especially during these uncertain times, you need to ensure that two estate planning documents in particular are up to date. The first is your healthcare power of