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March 20, 2023 DLG

Homeownership is a dream that every American strives for. Owning a home is often the most significant and valuable possession in someone's life. So when health begins to fail and the need for

March 13, 2023 DLG

Thinking about death, especially your own death, can be uncomfortable. Add to that the issue of what will happen to our assets after our deaths and it’s little wonder why so few people

March 6, 2023 DLG

When you become seriously ill or injured, nursing home care can cost an astronomical amount. You might also know that Medicare would cover only a minimal amount of those costs. Private insurance doesn’t

February 27, 2023 DLG

An estate plan consists of several documents that outline a person's wishes. During the process, you can name people to make financial decisions on your behalf when you are unable. You can designate

February 20, 2023 DLG

Grieving after losing a spouse or long-term partner can make it difficult to see beyond your grief. However, it is crucial to understand there are important and timely decisions you need to make

February 13, 2023 DLG

Planning for your child with special needs as they enter adulthood has practical and legal aspects. Begin well before their birthday to ease the transition and ensure they continue receiving their government benefits

February 6, 2023 DLG

Even though probate has a bad reputation, thoughtful estate planning can help you minimize or avoid it. In reality, most heirs will have to navigate the probate process to some degree after losing

January 30, 2023 DLG

In a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), there are three distinct phases. The first is independent living when a resident enters into the community with few if any disabilities requiring limited assistance. In

January 23, 2023 DLG

Probate sounds expensive and complicated, but it is simply a standard legal procedure formalizing how assets pass from a deceased person's estate to their chosen beneficiaries or heirs. Whether or not you require

January 16, 2023 DLG

Americans over the age of 65 establish wills and estate plans at a faster rate than their younger counterparts. Still, a significant number — 19 percent of those over age 72 and 42