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July 31, 2023 DLG

Families with high net worth can maximize their wealth preservation and minimize their tax liability through a number of legal strategies. However, tax laws continually change and can impact new and existing estate

July 24, 2023 DLG

LASA stands for "look-alike-sound-alike" and is commonly used when referencing medications in healthcare. Both Medicare and Medicaid were started in 1965 under Lyndon B. Johnson's administration in response to the inability of older

July 17, 2023 DLG

The wealthy aren't the only ones who use trusts. Rather than focusing on wealth, they serve a variety of purposes and solve specific problems. Do you want to keep your affairs private and

July 10, 2023 DLG

The U.S. is undergoing demographic and cultural changes. The baby boomer generation continues to “gray” the country and is changing the way individual states set budgets and health care policies. More attention will

July 3, 2023 DLG

Most young parents do not think about dying or becoming seriously ill or injured. As unlikely as such a serious event is when we are young, it is a possibility. This is why

June 26, 2023 DLG

It is possible that a family member or friend will ask you to act as their power of attorney. Your person may be planning for when they might become unable to take care

June 19, 2023 DLG

Travel by people with disabilities is commonly referred to as “accessible travel” and “disabled travel”. There is a lot to consider when traveling with a disability. Proper research, planning, and preparation are crucial.

June 12, 2023 DLG

Your loved one's well-being depends on how you advocate for them in a nursing home. Residents in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are disproportionately affected by the flu, pneumonia, COVID 19,

June 5, 2023 DLG

Power of attorney is an essential tool when you are preparing for a day when you will be incapacitated and a trusted agent will need to handle your affairs on your behalf. These

May 29, 2023 DLG

Do-it-yourself estate planning may seem like a cost-saving option. However, it can be costly in the end, both financially and in terms of family well-being. Estate planning involves important decisions about how your