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December 1, 2022 Davis Law Group

If you decide that dissolution of the marriage is the only answer to your marital differences and that help to restore the marriage is no longer what you want or need, you may

November 7, 2022 Davis Law Group

Launching a home-based business requires the same preparation needed to start any new business. The actual requirements for a home-based business depend on the type of business you are interested in forming. Here

November 7, 2022 Davis Law Group

Parental behavior has a great influence on the emotional adjustment of their children. This is equally true after the dissolution of a marriage. The following time-sharing guidelines have been found to be helpful

October 27, 2022 Davis Law Group

Children need a sense of continuity. It can be mentally and emotionally disturbing to them to cope with too many changes at once. During a legal separation and after your divorce decree, it's

October 21, 2022 Davis Law Group

A Nonsolicitation Agreement prohibits an employee from soliciting business contacts gained at your company, after they begin working for a new company. Nonsolicitation Agreement vs Noncompete Agreement? Both agreements are types of restrictive

October 6, 2022 Davis Law Group

You spend a significant part of your life building your business, and it becomes a major part of your legacy. But when you die, everything you have built could fall apart if you

September 29, 2022 Davis Law Group

You found the love of your life, built a life together and have probably weathered your fair share of storms that have made you even stronger. Life without each other is inconceivable, but

September 14, 2022 Davis Law Group

The loss of a loved one comes with many unexpected challenges. Losing a beloved relative or friend can be overwhelming, and the process of handling their affairs in the wake of such a

August 25, 2022 Davis Law Group

Many people choose to prepare a revocable living trust as the basis of their estate plan rather than joint ownership or a will because when it is properly prepared it avoids the public,

August 18, 2022 Davis Law Group

"An ounce of prevention."  It is impossible to know what tomorrow will bring, so it is important to put a plan in place to provide for the unexpected. If you become incapacitated and