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July 10, 2024 Davis Law Group

While television and movies provide great entertainment, they are not always factual. Even shows based on real events are not entirely accurate. Creators of television programs and movies will often alter details of

June 27, 2024 Davis Law Group

Your mortgage, like the rest of your debt, does not simply disappear when you die, unfortunately. If you leave your home that has an outstanding loan to a beneficiary in your will or

June 20, 2024 Davis Law Group

For many business owners, their business is one of the most valuable and important things they own. When it is time to sit down and create an estate plan, it is critical that

June 14, 2024 Davis Law Group

A couple in which one spouse is not a U.S. citizen may need to engage in special estate planning. It is important to note that the general estate planning rules do not change

June 6, 2024 Davis Law Group

In 2022, a federal district court in Maryland held that tax exemption qualified as federal financial assistance to subject a private religious school to Title IX requirements. Because some small private schools avoid

May 29, 2024 Davis Law Group

A loved one’s passing is challenging on many different levels. In addition to the emotional difficulty of processing someone’s death, there are also the many tasks that must be dealt with, such as

May 23, 2024 Davis Law Group

With the increased coverage of artificial intelligence (AI) and all of the applications it can have in our everyday lives, some people may wonder whether an AI program can create an estate plan

May 14, 2024 Davis Law Group

A registered agent is a person or company that receives official paperwork, like service of process, on behalf of an entity. The registered agent must pass on any paperwork it receives to the

May 8, 2024 Davis Law Group

Nonprofits generally should avoid making loans to officers and directors even though Virginia does not prohibit such loans. In fact, under Va. Code § 13.1-826(9), nonstock corporations explicitly have the power to lend

May 2, 2024 Davis Law Group

Virginia allows plaintiffs to recover from the employer of an individual who negligently harms them on three theories: negligent hiring, negligent retention, and vicarious liability. Negligent Hiring & Retention Negligent hiring occurs when