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August 22, 2018 Douglas Davis

For most businesses, some kind of growth is usually the goal. The problem becomes that when you grow your business, it can become harder to step away from that business for your own

August 14, 2018 Douglas Davis

There are many reasons business owners close up shop, including retirement, starting a new venture or, hopefully, because they’ve won the lottery. No matter what the reason, it’s important to diligently wind down

July 31, 2018 Douglas Davis

An extraordinary number of laws, rules, and regulations govern businesses and their employees. As a small business, these rules and regulations may seem overwhelming at times, but the good news is that small

July 10, 2018 Douglas Davis

Many businesses prefer to hire independent contractors because there’s often less overhead and fewer expenses such as covering taxes or benefits. However, classify a true employee as an independent contractor and you’re in

June 22, 2018 Douglas Davis

Starting a new business can seem overwhelming – especially when you’re doing it alone. Creating a business plan will allow you to refine incomplete ideas, address areas you may have not yet considered,

March 14, 2018 Douglas Davis

Preparing your company for your incapacity or death is vital to the survival of the enterprise. Without a plan in place your customers, employees, vendors and even your family can be negatively affected

May 28, 2015 Davis Law Group

A Limited Liability Company is an excellent and flexible way to structure a small business, but because everyone's business and personal situation is unique, it may or may not be the right structure

March 26, 2015 Davis Law Group

Determining whether a trust account is right for you depends on your situation and what you plan to do with the money that will be put into the trust. Trusts can provide excellent

November 11, 2014 Douglas Davis

1.  What is a Limited Liability Company? A limited liability company or “LLC” is a business entity that is designed to offer co-owners of a business who make a proper filing with the

June 27, 2014 Douglas Davis

When buying or selling a business there are a number of issues to consider and ultimately resolve in order to ensure that both parties receive what they have bargained for and to make