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August 31, 2018 SuAnne Bryant

When you’re going through a divorce, life can be hectic and overwhelming. On top of personal situations, you must also deal with the legalities that come along with it. You’ll quickly learn that

August 9, 2018 SuAnne Bryant

Going through a divorce is not just emotionally draining, but can be financially draining as well. Different types of divorces have different common price ranges, but there are ways to keep the overall

December 14, 2017 SuAnne Bryant

Collaborative Divorce is a process where both parties commit to negotiating a mutually acceptable resolution without having to go to court. This requires open communication and information sharing and should create a solution

April 13, 2017 SuAnne Bryant

Wedding season is upon us, and while many brides and grooms are preparing for their big day by picking out flowers, dresses and cakes, one of the most important decisions an engaged couple

July 27, 2016 SuAnne Bryant

The need to review your systems for maintaining secrecy. In part I, we discussed the need to update your employment agreements to contain the required notice of immunity to employees who disclose trade

July 7, 2016 SuAnne Bryant

What Every Business Needs to Know About the Defend Trade Secrets Acts: Part 1 The need to update your employment agreements If you are a business owner, you have probably spent countless hours

May 12, 2015 SuAnne Bryant

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced last week that 11 of its 53 offices across the country will begin a pilot program called “ACT Digital” to digitally transmit Charges of Discrimination and related

July 18, 2013 SuAnne Bryant

Employers of minors entering the work force must obtain youth employment certificates and must verify the age of the minor employee.  Effective July 1, 2013, Va. Code §§40.1-92, 40.1-93 and 40.1-96 were amended,

June 24, 2013 SuAnne Bryant

Effective July 1, all Virginia employers must comply with a new law which limits those situations in which an employer may be required to disclose certain information to third parties about current and

October 14, 2011 SuAnne Bryant

I just completed day two of collaborative law training. I am both exhausted and energized. I am excited about having a new way to provide value to my clients and to be part