Say “Hello DOLI”: New rules for Virginia employers of minors take effect

carol-channingEmployers of minors entering the work force must obtain youth employment certificates and must verify the age of the minor employee.  Effective July 1, 2013, Va. Code §§40.1-92, 40.1-93 and 40.1-96 were amended, thereby shifting responsibility for the issuance of youth employment certificates from the public school systems to the Department of Labor and Industry (“DOLI”).  Under the direction of DOLI, the certificates will now be issued electronically, although the program that will be used to do so is still in development.  Another new feature is that employers must now produce a signed statement stating that they have verified the age of the minor.  The employer must acquire proof of age (such as a birth certificate) and keep such information in file.  In addition, the employer (as well as DOLI) is required to keep a copy of the certificate (either paper or electronic) for 36 months or for the employment period, whichever is longer.  If your company needs assistance in understanding and implementing these new requirements, contact the attorneys at Davis Law Group today.