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Welcome Stephen A Haynes to the Davis Law Group Team

Welcome Stephen A. Haynes to the Davis Law Group Team

September 26, 2019 Davis Law Group

We want to welcome the newest member of the DLG Team, Stephen A. Haynes.

Stephen has come to our practice with legal experience in estate planning, commercial real estate, and corporate structuring. We know he’s going to bring a lot of value to our clients as well as our team.

Stephen grew up in the small, country town of Greenwood, South Carolina. From there he completed a Bachelors in Pre-law from Emmanuel College located in Georgia. During a study abroad trip to Costa Rica, he realized that he wanted to pursue a career that was not only about the money. This led him to Regent University School of Law where he studied benefit corporations, which allow the owners to use the company’s profit for more than just benefiting the shareholders. This philosophy naturally transitioned to estate planning, where your effort today benefits your loved ones for generations. He has now settled down in Chesapeake with his wife and daughter with another baby on the way!

Stephen was drawn to Davis Law Group because he recognized our commitment to our clients as well as our internal culture which is “others-focused” as he puts it. “I love working with families to assist in transferring assets that aren’t financial like values, beliefs and ethics. I hope to be able to help clients easily and efficiently transfer their family or business story to the next generation.” This mindset makes him a natural addition to our team.

Stephen’s best bit of advice to his clients is this – “Building a family legacy starts today. It’s hard work to build the legacy, but well worth it when the effort you put in today is still paying off generations from now.”

If you’re ready to put in the work to start building your legacy, give Stephen a call and set up a consultation today. Welcome to the team, Stephen!