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August 18, 2021 Douglas Davis

Besides directing what happens to your finances when you pass away, a comprehensive estate plan also addresses the possibility that you could become unable to handle your financial affairs while you are still

May 27, 2020 Jake Balderson

We all know that time is precious, especially if you are one of our nurses or front line healthcare workers. You work tirelessly caring for others and may not have a lot of

May 6, 2020 Jake Balderson

For most people, the phrase “power of attorney” means very little. Even for those educated on the subject, it is easy to forget exactly who serves what role and why. Whether you are

February 26, 2020 Davis Law Group

Hopefully you go to your doctor at least once a year to get a physical. This visit helps detect and treat problems before an illness or health condition becomes a major problem. It’s

June 19, 2019 Douglas Davis

While putting together an estate plan is important for you and your loved ones, it is equally important for you to understand the role of the trusted individuals who will be carrying out

June 11, 2019 Douglas Davis

Getting the news that you have to undergo major surgery is never easy. Preparing for absences from work, planning for childcare and household responsibilities, and reviewing your estate plan will be among the

April 16, 2015 Jake Balderson

When a child turns 18, a world of responsibility opens up for them, whether they are ready for it or not. An 18 year old has the ability to make their own health