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December 20, 2013 Douglas Davis

The administration of an estate is often characterized by confusion due to the lack of proper estate planning.  Unfortunately this occurs at the worst possible time when a loved one has died and

December 10, 2013 Douglas Davis

If you are like me you get to the last few months of the year and think about how to give gifts to your children or others that you love.   Funny… the IRS

October 10, 2013 Davis Law Group

If you are Men’s Wearhouse, Inc, the answer is a big fat NO!  Earlier this week, rival company Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc. offered Men’s Wearhouse $2.3 billion to buy them out.  Men’s

October 4, 2013 Davis Law Group

One of the most important considerations in a Buy-Sell Agreement is the valuation method to determine the price at which a business owner may, or is required, to purchase the departing owner’s interest. 

August 15, 2013 Davis Law Group

In my previous blog post entitled Protect Your Virginia Business with a Buy-Sell Agreement, I wrote in depth about the three essential terms of a buy-sell agreement.  I coined the second element as

August 7, 2013 Douglas Davis

“I am from the government and I am here to help you.”  We laugh about that statement but when it comes to the distribution of property after our death, we often fail to

July 24, 2013 Douglas Davis

We have just finished major renovations at the firm and for those of you who can, you should just drop by to visit our new kitchen and bathrooms.   What a wonderful change to

July 18, 2013 SuAnne Bryant

Employers of minors entering the work force must obtain youth employment certificates and must verify the age of the minor employee.  Effective July 1, 2013, Va. Code §§40.1-92, 40.1-93 and 40.1-96 were amended,

July 1, 2013 Davis Law Group

Forty-one (41) states have banned texting while driving for all drivers.[1] Of those forty-one states, thirty-nine (39) have made texting while driving a primary offense, which means that an officer may stop a

June 24, 2013 SuAnne Bryant

Effective July 1, all Virginia employers must comply with a new law which limits those situations in which an employer may be required to disclose certain information to third parties about current and