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Three Types of Professional Assistance You May Need During a Divorce

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three types of professional assistance you may need during a divorce by davis law group pc in chesapeake, virginia

Three Types of Professional Assistance You May Need During a Divorce

December 1, 2022 Davis Law Group

If you decide that dissolution of the marriage is the only answer to your marital differences and that help to restore the marriage is no longer what you want or need, you may still need professional help to get on the right road, particularly when children are involved.



Advice from well-meaning friends and relatives, in many cases, further aggravates the situation. Friends or relatives can seldom be objective. Professional counseling can assist you in dealing with your marital conflicts as well as any issues that may arise with your children at the same time. A psychologist or other counselor, with professional academic training, can offer insights drawn from the experience of counseling hundreds of parents with struggles much like yours who have gone through this process before you. Family or child therapists can help your kids process and cope with the stress and emotions they are experiencing as well. Even if your child seems to be handling the situation well, they may still need the extra support and a safe space to share their concerns.


If communicating with your spouse is desirable for your child’s sake, but difficult because of your marital differences, then professional mediation may provide the opportunity for parents to talk constructively. A certified mediator is trained to facilitate communication and assist parents to design their own co-parenting arrangements. This is done outside of legal offices and counseling offices, although your attorney and counselor may have recommendations for things to take to the table during mediation. For some couples going through amicable divorces, mediation can take the place of litigation, saving time and money in court and attorney fees.

Collaborative Family Law

If you feel you need the assistance of an attorney but still want to try and avoid litigation, then collaborative family law may provide the environment to negotiate your differences without the threat of going to court. In collaborative family law each client retains a lawyer trained in collaborative law. The parties agree to work toward settlement without threatening to go to court, to share all needed information, and that neither lawyer can represent you in contested litigation of the case if the case does not settle and you go to court.

Davis Law Group Can Help

Davis Law Group has an active collaborative law practice and highly encourages the use of this process. We have found it to be less stressful on families while producing results that are fair and amenable to all parties. We are also here to help you and can assist in arranging a relationship with the proper professional to help you with any parenting challenges. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation in person or virtually.