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Buying and Selling Churches in Virginia: the First Amendment’s Surprising Influence

Sooner or later, every church deals with the purchase or sale of real estate. As you might expect, this process is a little different than buying or selling a home. Much of this difference results from the way the First Amendment and Virginia’s tradition of religious liberty shapes courts’ interactions with churches.

The First Amendment and Religious...

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How Do I Choose an Estate Planning Attorney?

Finding the right attorney to assist you in designing an estate plan can be a daunting task.  Some people believe that every attorney is capable of providing competent counsel and others shop for price rather than quality legal services in this complex area of law. As with most things in life, you get what you...
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Trust Administration

The administration of an estate is often characterized by confusion due to the lack of proper estate planning.  Unfortunately this occurs at the worst possible time when a loved one has died and the family is forced to deal with the burden of administering an estate.  A well designed trust based plan however, will ease...
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Annual Gifting

If you are like me you get to the last few months of the year and think about how to give gifts to your children or others that you love.   Funny… the IRS even has something to say about that!  For the IRS it’s all about assessing taxes on just about everything we do and...
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