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November 13, 2019 Douglas Davis

November is National Adoption Month, which aims to raise awareness about adoption and children who need permanent, loving homes. Thousands of children are adopted each year in the U.S., bringing joy to them

January 24, 2019 Douglas Davis

Operating your business without a business plan is like going to the grocery store hungry and without a list. You end up with more than you need or want in your cart. On

April 21, 2017 Douglas Davis

  Some people think that estate issues after you die are unavoidable. Still others think that they’ll be long gone, so what does it matter if there’s a plan in place? The truth

January 15, 2016 Davis Law Group

When it comes to law firms, bigger is not always better. The definition of a “small” law firm can change depending on the location and type of practice, but according to the American

October 23, 2015 Douglas Davis

The death of a loved one can be shocking, painful and stressful. Although we all wish that the time immediately after their death could be spent grieving and spending time with family, there

October 9, 2015 Davis Law Group

  We are excited to announce that Davis Law Group attorney, John McCormick, is now an approved attorney on the UpCounsel website. UpCounsel is an innovative online platform that is poised to transform the

July 9, 2015 Douglas Davis

One thing that has stood out to me during my career is that guys are pathetic when it comes to living alone. Statistics show that a large percentage of men who lose their

May 28, 2015 Davis Law Group

A Limited Liability Company is an excellent and flexible way to structure a small business, but because everyone's business and personal situation is unique, it may or may not be the right structure

May 21, 2015 Davis Law Group

Life insurance is a financial asset that is widely used to help protect your family from expenses after your death. However, what most people don’t realize is that even though life insurance is