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April 4, 2022 DLG

By now, some of us have all witnessed the slow and dehumanizing death of a friend or a family member due to Alzheimer's disease. In the final stages of this and other dementia

March 28, 2022 DLG

There will be many challenges ahead, as AARP reports that by 2050, the population of people aged 85 and older, who are most likely to need long-term care, will nearly triple. Elected leaders

March 21, 2022 DLG

Individuals who meet certain asset requirements are eligible for Medicaid, a federal and state program that helps them pay for long-term care costs. Long-term care often creates devastating financial impacts on Americans, particularly

March 7, 2022 DLG

Every situation involving the care of an aging parent is unique, but it is true that preparation is key to success. Whether you need basic information about eldercare resources and services, are looking

February 28, 2022 DLG

Because of the Coronavirus, our elderly population is becoming isolated from their families and extended communities, increasing the risk of neglect. With the flu season fast on approach this isolation and the possibility

February 14, 2022 DLG

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, advocating for your loved one in a nursing home has become more demanding and complicated. Both residents and staff in nursing homes and other long-term care

December 27, 2021 DLG

The probate process involves authenticating the deceased individual’s will, assessing the assets, settling debts and taxes, and overseeing the allocation of the inheritance. After an asset-holder dies, the court will appoint a valid

December 20, 2021 DLG

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought an important question to the forefront; how far would you want extreme life-prolonging measures to be tried? For us who are particularly vulnerable – seniors, those with compromised

December 13, 2021 DLG

There are direct and indirect costs associated with Alzheimer’s and other related dementia diseases policymakers have to consider. Direct costs, in this instance, are the medical and social/non-medical care costs related to dementia;

December 6, 2021 DLG

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset and as such needs to be addressed differently than traditional estate planning assets. Crypto-assets may comprise significant individual wealth in the forms of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and noncurrency