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10 Everyday Reason You Need an Attorney

10 Everyday Reasons to Have an Attorney

August 12, 2015 Davis Law Group

Consider this: in your daily life you probably have more than a handful of professionals you call upon for certain situations you just can’t handle on your own. You probably don’t cut your own hair, if you’re like most Americans you probably take your car to a mechanic when it breaks down, if you need your bathroom remodeled you call a contractor and when you’re not feeling well you see a doctor. So why do so many people assume they don’t need an attorney when so much about our everyday life is influenced by the law and legal decisions?

Here are just ten reasons, among many, that you need to have a qualified, experienced attorney on hand to call when you need advice, representation or need to take legal action.

  1. Buying or Selling a Home.

    For most Americans, their home is their greatest asset and largest investment. Real estate transactions are, for the most part, legal proceedings. If you’ve ever been to a closing, you’re familiar with the “sign here, sign here, sign here” mantra. But what are you signing? Does it represent your best interests? Does it protect your largest asset? An attorney can review closing documents for you to make sure you and your investment are protected.

  2. Starting a Business.

    It’s the American dream to start your own business and be your own boss. But it can also be a complicated process that can wind up with you being very liable for your business and your employees. Make sure that your business is successful by having an attorney help you with all the paperwork required to incorporate or to represent you with any employment law issues.

  3. Adoption Proceedings.

    Nothing is more devastating than going through the long and expensive adoption process just to have it fall through at the last minute when someone changes their mind or the paperwork has not been correctly completed. An attorney can help represent you throughout the process, ensure that paperwork has been filled out correctly and that all documentation has been provided to the agency. They can also represent you in cases of litigation or where financial issues may arise.

  4. Collaborative Divorce and Child Custody.

    Divorce is almost never a pleasant process, but what can make it worse is not having anyone on your side, helping you navigate through piles of paperwork, emotional distress and negotiating assets and child custody. An attorney experienced in collaborative divorce and mediation can help make the process less stressful and come to an agreement that benefits both parties and is ultimately more stable for any children involved.

  5. Preparing a Will or Trust.

    Preparing a will or trust is more than just deciding who gets your jewelry or golf clubs – it’s a way to help make your passing easier on your family and ensure your final wishes are kept. And a will or trust is just a small part of what can be a larger estate plan that can protect your assets, your family and your business. Doing this on your own or with some online form is likely to cause more harm than good. Loopholes or gaps can cause tension, frustration and undue stress on the people you love the most. An attorney can help you avoid this unfortunate situation.

  6. Injury.

    Although we don’t recommend calling an ambulance chaser, you do need to have strong legal representation whether you’ve been injured on the job, in an accident, or even through medical malpractice. All kind of legal elements come into play with injuries including employment law, workers compensation, insurance claims, medical bills and more. Don’t try to handle all of this on your own while dealing with your injuries.  While our firm does not handle injury law, we know how important this representation is and we can put you in touch with an experienced attorney who specializes in this area of practice.   

  7. You’re Being Sued.

    Does this seem unlikely? Well, if you own a rental property, a business or even if you just invite people over to your home, your pool, onto your boat or recreational vehicle, it’s entirely possible that you could find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit if and when something goes wrong. In these cases, it’s critical to have an experienced litigation attorney defending you and protecting your assets. And don’t wait until this happens – find an attorney who can help protect you against getting sued in the first place! Then if a legal issue ever does come up, you have someone to call who is familiar with your specific situation.

  8. Your Loved One Didn’t Have a Will.

    Unfortunately, this happens. And when it does, tense and emotional family situations can go from bad to worse, quickly. If your loved one has passed away and hasn’t left suitable instructions, contact an attorney immediately to bypass any family feuds or tense situations.

  9. Rental Property and Tenant Law.

    If you own any rental property – whether you rent out a home or apartment year-round or have a vacation property that you rent out sporadically, you need to make sure that your leases or rental agreements are legally sound and protect your property. Don’t wait until a tenant brings a suit against you or leaves you without their last month’s rent.

  10. Nonprofit Law.

    Nonprofit and charitable organizations as well as churches need a sound legal counsel who is experienced with nonprofit law. Whether it’s property and real estate, employment law or just having someone review your organization’s bylaws and founding documents, having an experienced attorney on hand can ensure your organization can continue to do good work.

Life is hard. The law is harder. Don’t try to handle these or other legal issues on your own. Call an experienced attorney and keep them on hand so that when issues do arise, you have a professional you can call.