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Insanity and an Unreliable Government

August 10, 2011 Douglas Davis

[dropcap4]T[/dropcap4]he position taken in the current administration’s warfare against the “rich,” is that they need to pay more in taxes (their fair share), and if they do, the budget will be balanced and all will be well with the American economy. The Tea Party has accurately pointed out that the “rich” are already paying the majority of the taxes and that over 51% of Americans — DON’T PAY ANY TAXES AT ALL. The Tea Party has also shed considerable light on the fact that additional taxes imposed on the rich would be insignificant when compared with the current amount of spending in Washington. In other words, we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

That may all be true and I personally find the argument persuasive. However, for those who don’t, let me ask you this question —- why in the world would you want to give MORE money to a government that has proved itself to be incompetent in balancing a budget or managing costs for the benefit of all Americans? Even if it could be shown that more tax revenue would help sustain government programs, why would you want to give them more to waste on ridiculous projects and special interest entitlements? Thats like watching unreliable children blow a life savings on drugs, and then determining that they just need more money to balance the books in order to cover the cost of the Lamborghini they couldn’t afford.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result. We keep giving the government more of our money and we continue to expect a different result. Voting for an increase in taxes is a fools game until responsible individuals are serving in Washington. The government doesn’t need any more of our money, it is already receiving and wasting more than necessary to carry out its Constitutionally limited role. Like a spoiled child, if we continue to provide elected officials with more funds, they will not use them to pay down debt or balance the budget; they will use them for their own pet projects and entitlement programs in order to ensure a career in politics.

We are all responsible for making sure that we don’t spend or borrow more than we make in our paycheck each month. We are also responsible for educating ourselves and voting for individuals who take seriously the need to balance the checkbook and are willing to do so, even if it means taking some hits and jeopardizing re-election. For that reason term limitations wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

More taxes or less taxes, more spending or less spending? You make the choice based upon how your money is being wasted by an unreliable administration right now. Think about it, its worth worth assessing personal sanity.