Is Your Estate Plan Unfinished? Resolve to Get it Done in 2022.

You probably don’t want to make a resolution that requires you to think about your own mortality and what will happen when you’re gone, but if you haven’t finished your estate plan, it’s definitely something you need to put on your To-Do list for 2022.

Because the reality is that a half-finished estate plan is as...
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The Effects of the Build Back Better Act on Estate Planning

The House Ways and Means Committee approved President Biden’s Build Back Better Act’s (BBBA) tax provisions, a major step towards passage of the bill. As the draft now stands, the legislative proposal may restrict the abilities of higher net worth individuals to shelter assets from tax consequences in their estate planning strategies. There is...
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A Guide for Understanding the Probate Process

The probate process involves authenticating the deceased individual’s will, assessing the assets, settling debts and taxes, and overseeing the allocation of the inheritance. After an asset-holder dies, the court will appoint a valid will's executor to administer the probate process. In the absence of a will, the court will appoint a state administrator to handle...
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Establish Advance Directives So You Can Draw the Line, Not Someone Else

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought an important question to the forefront; how far would you want extreme life-prolonging measures to be tried? For us who are particularly vulnerable – seniors, those with compromised immune systems, those already struggling with medical conditions – this question is particularly stark. Many people are familiar with DNR orders, “do...
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