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Talk is Cheap

Talk is Cheap, Estate Plans are Priceless

The famous musician Prince died a year ago and the battle over his fortune will not be resolved any time soon.

The question of whether Prince left a will continues to be one of the great mysteries in this soap opera with...
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How Powerful is a Will?

We all remember the movie where grandpa has died and the entire family is gathered for a reading of the will at the attorney’s office.  Usually there is a fireplace nearby and you get the feeling that it is otherwise pretty cold in the room.  Finally the attorney pulls the Will out of a folder...
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Trust Administration

The administration of an estate is often characterized by confusion due to the lack of proper estate planning.  Unfortunately this occurs at the worst possible time when a loved one has died and the family is forced to deal with the burden of administering an estate.  A well designed trust based plan however, will ease...
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State Plan…or…Estate Plan?

“I am from the government and I am here to help you.”  We laugh about that statement but when it comes to the distribution of property after our death, we often fail to make an effective plan.  Instead we let the government determine distribution of our property and the fate of our minor children.  In...
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