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November 4, 2021 Douglas Davis

A common misconception is that only wealthy families and people in high-risk professions need to have an asset protection plan. But in reality, anyone can be sued. A car accident, foreclosure, unpaid medical

June 1, 2021 Davis Law Group

Owning real estate continues to be a very popular investment vehicle for individuals and couples alike. One attractive feature of investing in real estate is that investment property can also double as a

November 19, 2020 Douglas Davis

Retreating to a warmer climate for the winter sounds like an ideal way to spend a few months. To help make this dream a reality, some individuals choose to rent out their second

September 26, 2019 Davis Law Group

We want to welcome the newest member of the DLG Team, Stephen A. Haynes. Stephen has come to our practice with legal experience in estate planning, commercial real estate, and corporate structuring. We

January 4, 2018 Douglas Davis

Selling your home without an agent has its appeal - primarily, not giving up between 3-6% of your home’s selling cost to agent fees. However, before you throw a “for sale” sign in

September 19, 2017 Douglas Davis

In our last two blogs we’ve been discussing different aspects of a Tax-Deferred Exchange – a technique available to defer taxes and maximize the funds available for reinvestment upon the sale of an

August 2, 2017 Douglas Davis

How the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Can Affect Your Real Estate Investment Since the Tax Reform Act of 1986, real estate investors have faced one big problem on the sale of their property:

December 8, 2016 Douglas Davis

A big question we get is how long should you maintain tax returns and supporting documentation? As the year ends and you prepare for your 2016 tax return, here is some good advice

February 18, 2016 Davis Law Group

Home buying and selling season is almost upon us. And along with the excitement of buying and selling a home comes the stress of signing contracts and attending closings. Having a good real

January 15, 2016 Davis Law Group

When it comes to law firms, bigger is not always better. The definition of a “small” law firm can change depending on the location and type of practice, but according to the American

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