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November 7, 2022 Davis Law Group

Launching a home-based business requires the same preparation needed to start any new business. The actual requirements for a home-based business depend on the type of business you are interested in forming. Here

October 21, 2022 Davis Law Group

A Nonsolicitation Agreement prohibits an employee from soliciting business contacts gained at your company, after they begin working for a new company. Nonsolicitation Agreement vs Noncompete Agreement? Both agreements are types of restrictive

July 15, 2021 Douglas Davis

If you are starting a new business, there are so many things to consider and think about. But it’s important, in the midst of all of this, not to overlook federal, state, and

June 30, 2021 Douglas Davis

When buying or selling a business there are many issues to consider and ultimately resolve in order to ensure that both parties receive what they have bargained for. Every transaction is unique and

April 29, 2021 Douglas Davis

A stay bonus agreement, also referred to as a retention bonus agreement, is a written agreement between a company and a key employee to encourage the employee to stay with the company. Understanding

March 17, 2021 Douglas Davis

As a member of an LLC, you may owe a fiduciary duty to the company. The two key fiduciary duties are the duty of loyalty and the duty of care. Whether you have

February 4, 2021 Douglas Davis

You and several friends start a new business and decide to operate it as a limited liability company (LLC). Now that you’ve completed the first step—choosing a business entity—it is now important to

October 8, 2020 Douglas Davis

Franchise and multilevel marketing (MLM) businesses are often attractive because they offer people the chance to start a small business with a well-known brand and an established business model. However, they present different

June 9, 2020 Davis Law Group

You and your spouse live together, you work together, and chances are you spend a lot of your free time together. Having a successful marriage and business takes a lot of hard work

March 28, 2020 Davis Law Group

President Donald Trump is expected to sign H.R. 748, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (“CARES”), which passed the House on March 27, 2020, following several days of intense negotiations between