Lorri Bennett


Years in practice:
10 years

Areas of focus:

  • Front desk reception and phone calls
  • Office maintenance
  • Assistance with Real Estate Files
  • Assistance with Estate Files

Professional Background:
I began working in the medical field in 1988, working in an Ophthalmologists’ office. After that, I worked for several years with a Neurologists’ office. After moving from New Haven, CT to Virginia in 1997, I worked at Eastern Virginia Medical School for two years. I have also managed a restaurant and done elder care.

I started working at the Davis Law Group in 2009. I attended the same church as one of the attorneys and she asked me one day if I’d be interested in coming in and helping out. The rest is history!

Community Involvement:

  • Member, First United Pentecostal Church
  • Sunday School Teacher and Choir Member, First United Pentecostal Church

Favorite things about my job:
The calm atmosphere and a team that works very well together.

Life Influences:
The greatest influencers in my life were many family members. Life’s biggest lessons happened around the kitchen table. My parents believed that dinner time was an important part of life and growing up, and we would discuss many things, or in my case - confess many things there. Whether it was laugher or crying, it was all taken in with understanding. Occasionally there would be dancing in the kitchen. Those are such unforgettable times, if only you could bottle them up and save them. My parents were hard workers – my father spending long hours on the railroad – but both of my parents had servants’ hearts. I feel privileged to have grown up with parents like mine.

My grandmother also impacted my life with her wit and charm, her compassion for others, and her gentle and sweet way. She was always smiling and singing. She taught me how to iron and sew and would tell me stories of her past, and how she fell in love with my grandfather, how she adored having three children and all the adventures they had, even with very little money.

I was also privileged to have my great grandparents in my life. My great grandmother would say to me, “Make sure you always smile at others, even if they do not smile back, because you never know what they have been through.”

In my spare time:
My husband and I attend the First United Pentecostal Church. I am in the choir as well as a Sunday School teacher for young married couples. My husband and I are also a part of the missions’ team.

I love being with our families. I enjoy spending time with my husband, we love traveling, history and sightseeing. I enjoy gardening, flowers as well as vegetables.

To contact DLG, please call 757-420-7722 or use our contact form.